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MSL - evaluations

SFDA Clubs are Holding Evaluations


please see their web sites for evaluation dates


please registered directly with your Club

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U11 and U12 Division 1 and 2 Schedule for Oct 26/27

On the District Cup Play tab we have scheduled U11 and U12 games for this weekend - these are fun games and will not be counted to the league.



Team Officials must not submit reds and yellows – that’s the game official’s job.
We need to guarantee the integrity of the reports and we are not prepared to lose a discipline case that goes to appeal because we’re assuming that the report was submitted by the game official.
One of the problems that we’ve had to deal with is lateness of reports and more importantly – lack of information.  Referees must give us complete reports – not just, for instance, “swore at the referee.” What exactly did he say? Why would he have said it? ETC.
Please see the document from the Discipline Committee below.


 FOR DIVISION 1, 2 AND 3 U11 - U18 and U10 GIRLS 


New Board Members

Welcome to the New 2018-2019 Board Members

Chair Harj Dhaliwal
Director - 1 year Bruce McCallum
Director - 1 year Lorraine Scott
Director - 1 year Scott McConnell
Director - 2 years Shaheem Ali
Director - 2 years Rob Bura
Director - 2 years Terry Baird
Director - 3 years Jay Nagra
Director - 3 years Monty Bual
Director - 3 years Navjot Thind


and a heartfelt thank you to the Retiring board members.

Sarb Lidder - who worked tirelessly with the BCCSL league.

Jim Mackie - who kept our Grassroots program on task.

Yolanda Duncan - who kept the board on task and was an integral part of the Nominations Committee

Brandt Watkins - who helped the board with Technical issues.

Gary Sangha - who stepped in and assisted the BCCSL League create and update schedules for the fall season.

We would also like to thank the District Registrars

Joan Pearcy, Dean Kilback, Krista Popowych and Sue Baxter for the hard work in registering all the players with BCSA in a timely fashion and their help with the committees they were assigned to. Thanks also to Corry Street, Charles Evans and Gordon Quan who created and updated the girls and younger boys schedules.

Finally thank you to all our member clubs.  Your support of time from your Technical support groups was great assistance in helping the district.  The new board looks forward to continuing success in the upcoming years.



SFDA Deadline Team and Player dates.

SFDA Deadlines for Teams and Player input from Club to District and District to League and BC Soccer.

BCCSL Announcement

The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) is pleased to confirm further additions to the staff and operations team, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and streamlining its professional operations.

The BCCSL is excited to announce the hiring of Gordon Quan as the new Head Scheduler.  In this important role, Gordon will work closely with district and club schedulers to ensure an efficient and organized schedule for all BCCSL teams.  As the League Manager and Scheduler for the BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL) for the last 4 years, Gordon has experience working with complex schedules and all eight district members of the BCCSL, and that background will be invaluable working with the BCCSL’s numerous divisions and requirements.

An Operations Committee was a key component to ensuring efficient operations in all areas, and the BCCSL has now confirmed those that were nominated and accepted these important roles.  The committee is led by the BCCSL Administrator, Matt Holbrook, and is comprised of the following positions and personnel:

Head Scheduler:  Gordon Quan
Discipline:  Jackie Larson
Treasurer:  Pasquale Balletta
Secretary:  Sarb Lidder
Protests & Appeals:  Fari Fuladi 
Competitions:  Bill Ede

While the committee’s main goals are to facilitate the operations and delivery of all divisions within the BCCSL, the Operations Committee will also be responsible for delivering against agreed BCCSL priorities, and reviewing and providing recommendations for potential league rule amendments to the BCCSL Board.

You can also now follow the BC Coastal Soccer League on Twitter for news and updates:  @1BCCSL

About the BC Coastal Soccer League
The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) is a newly formed league that has amalgamated the former youth leagues that operated in the Lower Mainland. Those leagues were BCCSL Boys, Metro/Select League (MSL) and BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL). It comprises approximately 21,000 youth and all 8 Lower Mainland districts.

The League provides, facilitates and supports playing environments for males and females in the Under 11 and 12 divisions 1-2, and Under 13 to Under 18 age categories, consisting of Metro to division 3.  The League works closely with BC Soccer and the BCSPL to help develop the game and actively promote players while ensuring the ongoing integrity of each level of play.

Matt Holbrook
League Administrator, BC Coastal Soccer League

See official article here

April 28, 2018