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South Fraser District Soccer League



June 9, 2021


Registration at 6:00 p.m.

AGM will start at 7:00 p.m.

Nominees for the Board Positions must be received prior to April 15, and will be posted to the web site May 1st.


Apply for Participation online 

Link is:

Application to Attend AGM MUST BE RECEIVED BY JUNE 1ST  There will be no late applications processed.

The application will be verified by the District Registrars between May 26th  and June 4th and on June 6th registered members will receive a Zoom log in to the AGM.  Your AGM package will be sent on the 7th June and will include the following

a specific code that you MUST USE for login to the meeting and to login to vote



Bios of persons standing for election.

Previous AGM Minutes. 

 You will also be given a specific time to login as we need to ensure that all are processed prior to the commencement of the meeting.  This will also ensure that only those eligible are allowed to enter the Zoom meeting.

During the AGM there will be a link posted on the Zoom screen to allow you into the Website for voting.   You will need your specific code to login for voting.

Each coach (3 per team) will only have one vote ONLY.

Any questions please contact us.



Below is the listing of the Nominations received for the upcoming AGM.  Voting will be for 3 Director positions

CHAIR - Bruce McCallum


                             - Mohammed Irfan Rafiq

                             - Dave McEwan

                             - Gurpreet Rana

                             - Frank McCann



Please complete the form to the left if you have any changes you want to make to the constitution and submit to Bruce McCallum 

by MAY 20TH AT 7 p.m. (Extended as per the constitution) so we can accumulate and present to the membership as per the Constitution on May 25th for voting at the AGM.


No new Club Memberships until September 30th 2022

Below is a motion approved by the Board and members of the Competitions Committee. 


The impacts of COVID-19 have directly impacted member Clubs’ registration. This proposed amendment will provide an opportunity for recovery of existing Member Clubs. This COVID-19 recovery period will also promote District stabilization while deterring the instability that would likely result from the addition of new clubs to the Association at this critical and uncertain time. 

COVID 19 - New Club Applications

The Impact of Covid 19 has directly impacted current member Clubs' registrations, resulted in revenue short falls.

To keep the existing clubs viable in these uncertain times, new club registrations are now suspended.

In the past weeks the existing clubs have endorsed and passed a motion effective Oct 1, 2020 to suspend any new club applications.

The SFDA Board has ratified this motion.

The Clubs and SFDA Board will re-visit accepting applications on Sept 30th, 2022 or if registrations reach pre-covid and sustainable club finances.


Bruce McCallum

Chair SFDA

Board Committee Restructuring Oct 2020

Interim Chair

October 6, 2020


We are pleased to welcome Bruce McCallum as Acting Chair until Annual General Meeting.

Bruce McCallum was appointed by the SFDA Board on October 5th.

Bruce brings many years of soccer organization experience and managed the amalgamation of Surrey Metro Soccer Association, South District Girls Soccer Association and Delta Youth Soccer Association.

Shaheem Ali


South Fraser District Association



To All SFDA Club,

As we proceed to the start of the 2020-21 fall soccer season, we wanted express that all Clubs and Coaches be mindful of our municipality requirements and BC Soccer phase 2 protocols.

Since these are exhibition series games and no ID cards, we ask Clubs, Team and Coaches to ensure the the rules of play are upheld at all games.

Any Club, Coach and/or Team that fails to practice safe soccer will be investigated and fines, discipline and sanction may apply.


ViaSport & City of Surrey Updates

November 11, 2020: Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley restrictions PHO Order

The order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) about Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley restrictions is now final and posted on the Provinces’ website. Since Dr. Henry’s press conference relating to the Order on Saturday, November 7, 2020 we have been working closely with the Province on the Order’s development.
Thank you for your patience and leadership as we navigate the many gray areas together.
 The Order and what it means to sport:  
The Order States: “No person or municipality may provide or host and no person may participate in an indoor sport unless the sport involves no physical contact between the participants.”


  • Indoor sports can only conduct physical distanced activities. This does not mean all indoor sports are in Phase 2. Some Phase 3 activities may be possible as long as physical distance can be maintained along with other safety measures that we have implemented in return to sport (e.g., increased cleaning protocols).

The Order States: “No person may attend as a spectator at an indoor sport activity unless this is necessary to provide care to a participant.”  

  • We understand that “unless necessary to provide care to a participant” can be interpreted many ways. We are working with public health to provide more clarity.

The Order States: “No person may travel to or from the affected area or between the regions of the Fraser Health Authority and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority for any sport related activity, including practice, training, games or tournaments, unless they are an identified by Canadian Sports Institute Pacific as a high performance athlete affiliated with an accredited provincial or national sports organization and are already training in the affected area and subject to the safety guidelines of their provincial sports organization.”  

  • The Order now clearly states that travel is not permitted for these or any sport activities. However, high performance athletes and their coaches are permitted to travel to, from and between the Fraser and Vancouver Coastal Health regions. High performance athletes are individuals that have been identified to a targeted athlete list with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific by their PSO or NSO.

The Order States: “No person or municipality may provide or host and no person may participate in a group indoor fitness activity until guidelines for group indoor fitness activities have been approved by the provincial health officer and the person or municipality who provides or hosts the activity has submitted an updated safety plan in accordance with those guidelines with respect to the activity to the Medical Health Officer and the safety plan has been approved. Once a safety plan has been approved, it must be posted in a place easily visible to participants.”  
What it means:

  • Group indoor fitness activities (e.g., dance, spin, etc.) will need to have an approved plan before they are able to reopen and operate again. This Order is NOT required for sport. We understand that some sport organizations have been receiving conflicting information directly from health officials, but now that the Order is available we will work with health agencies to improve the interpretations and communication.

We know there will be more questions arising based on the details of the new Order. Our FAQ is an additional resource for you and is continually being updated as we continue to receive clarity on the Order and respond to your questions.

Provincial health officer orders are always a last resort, but right now these additional measures are required in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health regions. We need everyone to re-double our efforts to protect our communities.

Coaches Match report

This form is also available on the Coaches page.


SFDA and BC Soccer encourages all individuals who experience or witness bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct in soccer to report the incident or behaviour to BC Soccer and pursue the complaint with the authorities against the organization or individual involved.

The South Fraser District Association has created an anonymous email address for anyone that would like to file a complaint directly with the District:

Please note this email address is confidential.