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MSL - evaluations

SFDA Clubs are Holding Evaluations


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U13-U18 Coastal B Boys teams declared

Congratulations to all finalists and winners in the first SFDA Boys District Cup tournament.  The winning team goes on to represent the District in the Coastal B Cup.  SFDA wishes all these teams much success:

U13  BCT Tigers                                 U16  GVUSC United
U14  ND United Red                        U17  GAC Dynamo
U15  GAC Guildford                         U18  SDU United '00

March 05, 2018

BCCSL League Administrator

The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) is a newly formed league that has amalgamated the former youth leagues that operated in the Lower Mainland. It comprises approximately 21,000 youth and all 8 districts. The amalgamation is to provide efficiencies in terms of a common set of rules, discipline processes as well as a single scheduling system. The goal is to professionalize the league and provide consistent services to its constituents.

The League is looking to fill the  role of Administrator reporting to the BCCSL Board.  The Administrator will be  responsible for the administrative operations of the League and supporting development of soccer in the region.   Please see posting below.

2018-19 Metro Intake Programs Announced

SFDA is pleased to announce its intake teams for Metro at U13 for the 2018/19 season.  After a RFP process and a recommendation from an independent panel the following joint programs will be awarded a team for both the boys and girls teams:
Delta Coastal Selects (DCS)
Surrey Guildford United (SGU)
Surrey Selects 
We thank all the clubs for their hard work in preparing very detailed proposals and we look forward to having a great season in Metro for our teams.
Harj Dhaliwal, Chair SFDA
Bruce McCallum, Vice Chair, SFDA

MSL Application Process

Attached is the MSL Metro application process.  Any questions, please contact Bruce McCallum.

Nov 8, 2017

District Cup Play to start November 11

Good luck to all teams participating in various District Cup competitions.  Schedules are posted under the District Cup Play page.

Nov 2, 2017

Communications Protocol



Sue Baxter

Divisional Boys games, schedule conflicts

Anything to do with “Got Soccer”

Divisional Boys games, score discrepancies

Deadline; Tuesday Midnight

Collector of District Cup play down submissions Submitted from Club Reps ONLY

Sarb Lidder

Designated SFDA rep at BCCSL

Boys U13 – 18 game score appeals

Grassroots team collector



Rob Bura





Bruce McCallum

Steve Cooper


U13 – 18



Corry Street

U13 – 18 District Cup Scheduler

U10 – 12 scheduler

U10 – 12 Score Keeping

Club Reps ONLY



Nour Fathy

SFDA Technical Committee member

Conduit for Club TDs to SFDA



Jim Mackie

Grass Roots Chair



Scott Howey




Charlie Evans

U10 – 12 Boys Score Keeping

Club Score Keepers/Reps ONLY



Corry Street

U10 – 12 Girls Score Keeping

Club Score Keepers/Reps ONLY




Protocols for

Website Contact Information

Change of Existing Coaching Staff Contact Information for a Club Team

Sue Baxter


Change of Coaching Staff on a Club Team

Club Coach/Team ………to……… Club Registrar ……to…... District Registrar ……to..…. Sue Baxter



SFDA Provincial Cup Winners 2017

Congratulations to all South Fraser District teams that participated in the Provincial A and B Cups this past year.  This coveted tournament showcases youth teams throughout the province.  SFDA was represented well by all its members. 

Thank you to Central City Breakers and Coastal FC for hosting the Provincial A Cup and the Girls Provincial B Cup.

A Cup

U13 Girls CCB Silver
U14 Boys SGU Bronze
U15 Boys CCB Silver
U15 Girls SGU Bronze
U16 Girls DCS 4th Place

U17 Boys

DCS Gold
U18 Girls SFC Gold


B Cup

U13 Girls SUSC Gold
U14 Boys CFC Bronze
U15 Boys CFC Gold
U15 Girls SUSC Gold
U17 Boys SDU Silver
U18 Girls Surdel 8th Place


Provincial Cup Dates set

The Provincial Cup dates have been set by BCSA.  CMF is hosting the Premier Cup, CCB is hosting the "A" Cup, North Okanagan is hosting Boys "B" Cup with Coastal hosting the Girls finals.

More information is under the Competition Tab.

Scholarship Applications


The Association shall have the following objectives: To foster, promote, develop and administer the game of soccer and sport.

The SFDA Board is looking for people to get involved. Whether it is applying for a position on the Board or participating in the numerous committees. There are lots of ways to contribute.

If you are interested, contact one of the three Co-Chairs.



    By jim 11/11/2016, 12:00pm PST

    The Provincial Cup dates have been set by BCSA.  CMF is hosting the Premier Cup, CCB is hosting the "A" Cup, North Okanagan is hosting Boys "B" Cup with Coastal hosting the Girls finals.

    More information is under the Competition Tab.

    Merger of DYSA, SMSA and South District Girls

    By south fraser 09/16/2016, 12:00pm PDT

    The merger of DYSA, SMSA and South District Girls Soccer has been passed at the BCSA AGM on June 11,2016. The time line is for the removal of these districts will be August 1, 2017 and South Fraser will be registered as of April 1, 2017. The existing districts will not be removed until August the purpose of submitting teams for the 2017 / 18 season.