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Metro Select League

Metro Select League (MSL) for boys and girls U13-U18. It is a highly competitive youth soccer league for the best District wide teams in the BC Lower Mainland.

All teams must complete the game report after each game.

League Start date:  September 9, 2017

BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL)

The British Columbia Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL) governs teams from Whistler to Bowen Island out to Mission and down to Surrey.  This includes U12 Select teams and U13-U18 Div 1-4.

League Start date:  September 10, 2017

Boys U13-U18 Gold, Silver, Bronze

WILD CARD UPDATE (to get into Coastal B Cup)

 February 23, 2018
Due to field closures making the league’s ability to play knockout games for the final four Coastal B wild card games very unlikely, the Board proposes to eliminate these games and allocate the four wildcard spots to the teams with the highest average points per game across all Gold 1 East and West, or combined East/West divisions from U13 to U18 once the Coastal B Cup District play down winners have been removed from consideration. Should teams have the same average points per game, the tiebreakers shall be head to head results followed by goal difference if the teams tied or did not play each other. If that is also tied the next tie breaker will be most goals scored and lastly a coin toss.


Girls U10 - U12

South Fraser will host the Recreation U10-U12 Girls Teams.

League Start date:  September 10, 2017

3 District Soccer League (Boys U11-U12 Div 1&2)

The 3 District Soccer League starts in September and includes South Fraser, Fraser Valley and Alouette for U11 and U12 boys Division 1&2 (Gold&Silver).

League Start date:  September 9, 2017

Boys U10 Development

The South Fraser District League for Boys U10 Development.

League Start date:  September 9, 2017

Boys U10-U12 Div 3&4

The South Fraser District League for Boys U11-U12 Divisions 3&4.

Boys U10 Div 3&4 league to start October 14, 2017 if enough teams participate.

U11-U12 League Start date:  September 16, 2017
U10 League Start date:  October 14, 2017

PDS League (Boys and Girls U8-U9)

U8-U9 Boys and Girls Development teams.  League starts September 16th.  Club Technical Directors to communicate any changes to Scott Howey.